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For all competitive purchasing managers and salespeople, a reliable, low-cost source of parts and manufactured components is necessary to stay competitive in today’s business world. Nothing can sink a multi-million dollar sale more quickly than defective parts or a failed delivery schedule. Global sourcing is the way of the business world, and failing to get involved in global sourcing will push your company on a back burner.

Staying competitive requires that your company outsource some if not all of its machining and manufacturing to countries where the quality can be maintained at enormous price breaks.

Outsourcing your products comes complete with a whole different set of problems. Here at Tricord we have taken the guesswork out of outsourcing to provide your company with the best product at the lowest price. By positioning your company to reap the benefits while investing a minimum of time and concern, you are also positioned to fatten your bottom line significantly. No matter what component parts you need sourced, you must have a reliable manufacturer who maintains the high quality and low cost you expect while providing consistent and reliable shipping.

Providing global sourcing advantages at your fingertips is our specialty here at Tricord, and we have multiple ways to ensure our clients are always satisfied:

Repeatable Quality

Through our process of inspections both physical and statistical, we guarantee the product being shipped is what you ordered, and the quality you demand. We ensure that quality through a series of inspections including:

  • FAI (First Article Inspections)
  • APQP control planning (Advanced Product Quality Planning)
  • Material Certification(s)
  • Level 3 PPAP (Production Part Approval Process)

Our on-site, regional quality inspectors comb through every order you have placed at all critical times throughout the order and manufacture process. By having on-site inspectors, we ensure that you are getting precisely what you ordered and the quality you expect. No more unpleasant surprises in a shipment: Tricord has eradicated the element of uncertainty through the on-site inspector program. Even if your technical and manufacturing needs are less than ordinary, an inspector will be trained and vetted to perform inspections based on your criteria.

Reliable Delivery

No product on the planet is worth anything unless delivered in a timely and deadline-oriented fashion. To guarantee success in delivery, Tricord manages:

  • Blanket Purchase Orders
  • Release Dates
  • Packaging
  • FCL & LCL Requirements
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Customs & Duties
  • Air Cargo
  • Vendor Managed Inventory

All of the above-listed delivery/supply protocols have been put into place to guarantee one thing: your satisfaction with the delivery process. Consistent and reliable delivery is a “make or break” service for busy and competent companies, and we understand that. 

If it is time for your company to make that huge step forward into global sourcing, you can’t find a better company to trust your global sourcing with.

Please contact us. We care as much about your success in global sourcing as you do.